Environment variables



Changes the default color output setting. Must be one of auto, always, or never. If not defined, the default is auto, which will enable color only when outputting to a tty. Overridden by --color on the command line.


Path to the pyocd commander command history file. The default is ~/.pyocd_history.


Maximum number of entries in the command history file. Set to -1 for unlimited. Default is 1000.


Sets the path to pyOCD's project directory. This variable acts as a fallback if the project_dir session option is not specified.


This variable overrides the default selection of the USB backend for CMSIS-DAP v1 probes. The accepted values are hidapiusb, pyusb, and pywinusb. An empty value is the same as unset. CMSIS-DAP v2 probes are unaffected by the environment variable; pyusb is always used.

Forcing the USB backend is really only useful on Windows, because both hidapiusb and pywinusb backends are available. Note that pyOCD only installs the hidapiusb backend by default.