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Oct 3, 2021
Chris Reed

Welcome to pyOCD’s new site! At long last, pyOCD has its own website with documentation and information. Hopefully this will make pyOCD easier for everyone to use, and especially for new users to get started.

While this site is primarily focused on pyOCD itself, it will eventually also serve as the site for the other projects under the pyOCD organisation, most importantly cmsis-pack-manager.

Now that there’s a real documentation site, my plan is to start adding a bunch of new documentation. The first focus will be on improving the getting started and installation material. Also in the works will be a series of how-tos for specific debug probes and development boards.

At the same time, we are launching a new Slack workspace, Use this link to join the workspace.

The choice between Slack and Discord was not very easy. Open source projects that use one of these two chat systems seem split almost 50/50, at least for the projects I looked at. The choice of Slack was primarily because the interface seems a lot more clean to me, and I find it easier to use. Plus, we use it extensively at work, so I’m already really familiar with it.

And finally, a mailing list for announcements has been created on Google groups to better keep users informed about updates and changes.