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TF-M Technical Forum presentation

Nov 4, 2021
Chris Reed

Recently, I had a great opportunity to share a short, introductory training presentation for pyOCD at the TrustedFirmware-M Technical Forum. It was only a short 35-minute presentation plus Q&A, but was good experience nonetheless.

For some background, TrustedFirmware-M, or TF-M, is the reference implementation of firmware for the Secure world on Arm v8-M architecture microcontrollers which have TrustZone-M enabled. MCUs incorporating the Cortex-M23 and M33 cores that implement the v8-M architecture have been readily available for about 2.5 years now, and more are coming to market. And MCUs with the new Cortex-M55 should start appearing soon. (Not to say it’s easy to get them at the moment with all the current silicon supply chain issues!) So the use of TF-M and incorporation into MCU vendor SDKs, as well as open source project, is expanding. For instance, TF-M has direct support in Zephyr RTOS.

The presentation covers these topics:

  • Introduction
  • Features and roadmap
  • Getting started
  • Probes and targets
  • Installing target support
  • Configuration
  • Programming memory
  • Debugging: gdb and VSCode

I’m also working on a more detailed version of the slides, and will add these as an update to this page when they’re ready.

Download presentation slides

The TF-M page for the Technical Forum also has a link to the recording of the presentation and password:
TF-M Technical Forum

Many thanks to Anton Komlev for suggesting and arranging the presentation.